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Jo Durrant's Beautiful Universe

Feb 22, 2021

In a bonus edition, hear some of the best bits from guests talking about space topics from the first 20 episodes of the podcast.

Guests featured: TV presenter & writer Dallas Campbell, trainee astronaut Dr Jackie Bell, Jeff Downes & Graham O'Dwyer from At The Flicks podcast, author Christopher Edge and Paul Millington from the National Space Centre.

Plus some of Jo's previous guests reveal where they would like to travel to in the universe in the Quick Six feature, including Professor Adam Hart, Professor Barry Smith, Dr Emma Yhnell, Dr Jamie Gallagher, James Mayhew, Dr Jessica Barker & FC and Kerry Scorah & Richard Parsons.

And a brand new audio treat about a space themed film!



Music licensed from Purple Planet. 

Presented, produced and edited by Jo Durrant.